About Us


We are professional wedding stylist based in Bali

Our hospitality background allows us to deliver a service from the heart. This behaviour is our basic fundamental attitude and lifestyle.

Florensia Octaviana is our main team player.

Florensia Octaviana

Dearest lovely couple…

My life journey is like riding a roller coaster, finding excitement a long the way  no clue. I scream in the beginning but decide to enjoy the swing after all.

From five star hotelier opening team member, be a real hotelier from blue  to white collar one. Being a Personal Assistant to the high profile including government and palace, now here I am  in the wedding field. This is a job that I have dream of, why?

Because I found happiness when surrounded by people in love. I am happy to see parents, family member, guests, vendors, and my team happy because the couple is happy.

Because I found my passion in making things more beautifully than ever.

Because I understand hard work is required in making things flawless and no mistake.

Because I believe God presence in Love, Happiness and Beauty.

Dearest lovely couple, let me be your Personal Assistant, Event Manager, Advisor, or even Friend in your big day.

Anastasia Dewi

(Retired, but she is still our beloved co-founder)

Hi there!

Whole my life I’ve been searching for what I can do best. What my passion is, what can I do to touch people around me and how do I start.

I am not a go-with-the-flow person. I cannot stay and watch everything revolves around me, I have to be part of it. I am not a social person, if I may say. But if you get to know me better, you will know why people say I am interesting. I’m a little too ambitious, which you can tell after reading this bio.

I was graduated from hospitaliy school and worked in hotel eversince. But my heart keeps telling me I’m not in the right place, so I bumped myself into the edge of my comfort zone to start something totally new for me. Yes! wedding industry. Here I am!

That’s when I first met Florensia. We both have the same vission and mission as a hotelier. We would like to give excellent service from the heart. We both have the same perfection and same dedication to everyone who needs our help. And that’s the very beginning of “La Vie en Rose”.

One of the reason why I built ‘La Vie en Rose’ is – to provide personalized service to anyone who needs us in any way we can. To touch everyone in the heart in irreplaceable way.

And to reflect what ‘La Vie en Rose’ truly means.


Our Portfolio

Here are our happy and lovely couple that meant a lot to us. Small pieces of puzzle that form who are we now. Below are the sneak peek of what they actually think about us!