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The secret of long lasting relationship

The first time I’m having this thought is when I broke up with my ex. With every ups and downs that we’d been through together and finally we broke up, all thoughts were coming together and mixed up in my mind. And then it was long forgotten.


It was early in the morning and I’m going with my friend and her clients to see a venue for her client’s wedding. I was sitting at the front with the driver and my friend was sitting at the back, talking with her clients. Then after some long talk, they come to a point of

‘why do people nowadays are easily divorce?’

Maybe some of you have the same question with them. Some of you may have figured out the answer. If you look back to the old times, (not talking about the exact research) the number of people getting divorce is much much lower than now. If you switch on the TV and watch entertainment news, how many divorce news have you heard about? How many celebrities that finally choose to put an end on their relationship?

The client gave an example from their parents era. What give so much difference? Apparently, we are living in a world where something is broken, you throw it away instead of finding what’s wrong.

In the past time, when a couple is fighting, they tend to sit and talk about it. Then they try to fix it. They were born in era where something is broken, you fix it not throwing it away. When your clock is stop ticking, you change the battery, not the clock.

In modern era, when a couple is fighting, they are easily jump into conclusion that they are not meant to be for each other. They give up just like that, and the result? They are signing divorce paper. Well, may be it’s not happening to all of us, but the trend is going that way. It may not be easy to find what’s broken inside, but it’s worth a try. If you and your spouse are meant for each other, you love each other, trying won’t be that hard.

Remembering the good old times, the ups and downs that you had been through together will be a strong reason for you to get back together.

I know, talking will be this easy. But, come on guys, it would be easy too if you love your spouse that much. Believe me, it may not sounds easy but it totally worth it!

So why don’t we make this world a better place to live in and more love growing each day?


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